Artuvetrin® Skin Test

The Artuvetrin® Skin Test is a series of injections to determine to which allergens a dog is allergic. Based on his/her experience and on the clinical history of the patient a veterinarian will prepare a skin test consisting of the most relevant allergens. A skin test can only be carried out in a veterinary clinic.

Preforming the skin test

Before carrying out the skin test, any medication that could affect the allergy and itching (including prednisone, cyclosporine, and antihistamine) must be suspended for a number of weeks.  

The skin test is conducted on the chest after it has been carefully shaved.

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Artuvetrin® Serum Test

Preforming  a serological test in order to find the allergens that the dog is allergic  to is an  alternative to the skin test. The Artuvetrin® Serum Test is a reliable choice for a blood test. The Artuvetrin® serum test is specifically developed for this purpose. The test finds the allergens that may be responsible for the  allergic symptoms  of your pet.

Artuvetrin® Therapy

The aim  of treating an allergic dog by means of allergen-specific immuno-therapy (hypo-sensibilisation) is that the dog will gradually become less sensitive, or completely insensitive, to the allergens that cause the allergy. In order to achieve this, a therapy is compiled containing only the allergens that have been tested positive.

Which dogs are eligible for Artuvetrin® Therapy?
Any dog that has problems at least three months per year is essentially eligible for allergen-specific immunotherapy. The treatment will help to keep the disorder under control and makes sure that that the symptoms diminish considerably.

The percentage of dogs responding favourably to treatment with Artuvetrin® Therapy amounts to approximately 75%1. It will take some time before the treatment results are shown. If no noticeable result has ensued eight to nine months after starting treatment, the advice is to stop treatment and re-examine the dog.

1Willemse. Veterinary Magazine Netherlands, Edition 129 (2004 402-408).

Depending on the findings of the Artuvetrin® Serum Test and/or the Artuvetrin® Skin Test, the preparations may be composed of 1 to 8 allergens or allergen mixes per vial. Each Artuvetrin® Therapy is a preparation based on the veterinary’s prescription, tailored specifically for treating a single individual patient. Each vial contains 10 ml.
Artuvetrin® Therapy is administered subcutaneously (under the skin). The initial dose is 0.2 ml, gradually increasing as the intervals are longer, up to a maximum of 1.0 ml. This dose is reached after 12 weeks after which a monthly maintenance dose of 1.0 ml is administered.
Allergen-specific immunotherapy has virtually no side effects and can therefore be given for long periods1.

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The effect of the treatment can be assessed based on the improvement of the clinical symptoms. An improvement of the clinical symptoms is usually not evident before several months (4-9 months) after the start of the treatment. Please ask you veterinarian for specific materials developed to help you to achieve the best results.

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